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Admission process

The admission process allows an applicant to enroll for studies in the chosen study program after having satisfied the necessary admission requirements. The process begins with the applicant`s submission of written application form to the Faculty`s Department of Study. The application form must be delivered no later than the deadline set by the Faculty, generally February 28 for Bachelor study and April 15 for Master study.
Each applicant is allowed to submit only one application form, where he/she states one Bachelor or Master program to study at the Faculty. The application form (correctly filled in according to § 58 art. 3 of the Law on Tertiary Education Facilities), containing the chosen study program and the desired form and place of study, together with a CV and a copy of the entrance examination fee payment receipt, must be sent or delivered to the Faculty`s Department of Studies no later than the deadline set by the Faculty. Medical confirmation of the applicant`s ability to study at college and work in the chosen field of study is not required.
The Faculty shall inform every applicant in writing about having received his/her application form no later than 30 days after the deadline for submitting applications for the Bachelor / Master programs. Information about the contents, process and preparation possibilities for the entrance examination will be added, together with information about the deadline for submitting any documentary materials, required for successfully accomplishing the admission process, which the applicant has not yet been able to provide.
If an applicant fails to provide all necessary documents required for successfully accomplishing the admission process and verification of having fulfilled the requirements for admission before the relevant deadline, or fails to pay the entrance examination fee before the relevant deadline, he/she will be removed from the evidence of applicants for study.
The entrance examination allows the Faculty to admit the applicants who demonstrate the highest level of study abilities. All entrance examinations for all study programs take place in Banská Bystrica.
The Faculty shall send the Bachelor or Master study applicants a written invitation to the entrance examination containing the exact date, time and place of the examination no later than 30 days before the examination date. Invitations to the entrance examination for PhD. applicants shall be sent no later than 15 days before the examination time.
The entrance examination for Bachelor and Master study are written. The multiple-choice tests allow the applicants to choose from 4 possible answers and they are corrected electronically. For each correct answer, the applicant receives a prescribed number of points. The resulting order of applicants in each test shall be published on the official notice board of the Faculty on the examination day and on the Faculty website no later than the following workday.
Every applicant has the right to ask for personal examination of his/her corrected written tests in the announced time after the entrance examination.
The decision about admitting the applicant to study Faculty`s study program rests with the Dean. The decision about the result of the admission process shall be delivered to the applicant in writing no later than 30 days after the verification of having fulfilled all requirements for admission. It shall contain the Decision, the Reason and a notice about the possibility to apply for reconsidering the Decision. The decision letter is delivered to the applicant`s hands. If the applicant`s whereabouts are unknown, his/her decision letter will be attached to the Faculty`s Official Notice Board for 15 days. The last day of this period is considered the day of delivery.
If a successful applicant is not admitted to the chosen study program due to capacity reasons, the Dean can admit him/her to another form or place of study of the program, or to another study program.
An applicant who is admitted to study has the right to apply for reconsidering the Decision by the Dean no later than 8 days after receiving the decision letter. The Dean has the right to change the Decision if it becomes clear that the Decision has been issued not in accordance with the Law, with the University`s or Faculty`s internal regulations or with other admission regulations set by the Faculty. If the Dean does not change the Decision, it is delivered to the Rector (President) of the University who examines whether it has been issued in accordance with the rules mentioned above. The Rector has the right to change the original Decision if the rules had been broken, or ultimately confirm it.

The Faculty has the right to ask the admitted applicants whether they plan to enroll. Every applicant is obliged to provide this information no later than the beginning of the academic year, i.e. September 1 of the calendar year. If an admitted applicant decides not to enroll or fails to provide this information before the given date, he/she loses the right to enroll for the given study program and the Faculty can offer the place to the next applicant in the order of admission process results.

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