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Admission requirements for the Master degree

The core requirement for being admitted to Master study is the prior achievement of a Bachelor degree. All other following admission requirements are equal for all Master study programs offered by the Faculty.
The application form to Master study can also be submitted by an applicant in the last year of Bachelor study who has not been awarded the Bachelor degree yet. He/she shall state this fact in the CV. All other required documents must be delivered before the deadline disclosed by the Faculty`s Department of Study in a letter with the confirmation of the application form receipt.
The applicants for Master study are not required to submit any documents of the secondary school study.
The applicants who apply for the Master study program of the same field as their Bachelor study program are not required to take the entrance exam. The applicants whose Bachelor study program is of a different field than their desired Master program may be required to take an entrance exam if the Dean decides so.
If the number of applicants exceeds the number of offered places for the particular study program, the Dean has the right to decide to admit the students according to their average marks during their Bachelor study.
The entrance examination consists of the core profile subject of the Bachelor degree of the chosen Master study program offered by the Faculty. The applicants can score up to 100 points.

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