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Admission requirements for the Doctoral degree 

These admission requirements are equal for all Doctoral study programs offered by the Faculty.
The core requirement for being admitted to Doctoral study is the prior achievement of a Master degree. Other requirements include passing of an entrance exam, knowledge of a foreign language and passing an exam in Economics for the applicants who have not received their Master degree in an Economic field.
The applicant for Doctoral study demonstrates his/her knowledge of a foreign language by submitting a state exam certificate or other corresponding certificate issued by a recognized domestic or foreign institution. The applicant who fails to provide the required certificate will be asked to take an exam in the language in addition to his/her entrance exam at the Faculty and, if admitted, he/she will also be required to take the state exam in the chosen language no later than 6 months after enrolling to the Doctoral study program.
If the applicant for Doctoral study has not earned his/her Master degree in an Economic field, he/she must take an exam in Economics no later than the date of the entrance exam for Doctoral study. The applicant shall receive evidence of passing the exam.
Prior to commencing the admission process, the Faculty publishes the list of Dissertation theses topics, to which the applicants can subscribe. Each topic has a Tutor assigned to it. The applicant shall subscribe to one of the topics and upon admission to study the Dean shall arrange the assignment of the topic and the Tutor to the admitted applicant.
The entrance examination for Doctoral study is oral and it consists of the following:
A)    Testing the applicant`s knowledge of the theory of Economics
B)     The applicant`s presentation of the written Dissertation thesis project
C)     The applicant`s explanation of interest and motivation for Doctoral study at the Faculty and verification of his/her abilities to do so, assessment of his/her scientific, research, publishing and specialized activities to date.
The committee supervising the entrance examination shall produce a complex assessment of the applicant`s eligibility to study a Doctoral program based on the score received for each of the above parts. The applicant can receive up to 40 points from the theory of Economics, up to 40 points for the project presentation, up to 10 points for his/her prior activities and up to 10 points for his/her marks achieved during the Master study.
Based on the score achieved during the entrance examination, the committee will prepare a list of applicants and recommend (or not recommend) them for admission to Doctoral study. If more applicants received the same score, the committee will consider the study results during the Master study.

The members of the committee are appointed by the Dean based on the proposal of the guarantor of the particular Doctoral study program.

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